Vineyard Pilgrimage

You’ve got a good kids ministry. And a good youth ministry. And, of course, a good adults ministry.

But when you think about it, good ministry done in silos doesn’t really work.

Let’s think about our ministries differently!

Kids don’t just stay kids. They become teens. Who become adults. Who become spouses. Who become parents. Who become empty-nesters. Who become sages.

Shouldn’t our ministries provide people an intentional path as they grow and advance, both spiritually and physically?

That’s the Vineyard Pilgrimage.

It won’t just help you grow your church. It will change the way you see your church.

The Vineyard Pilgrimage is rooted in Kingdom of God theology and practice.

Become a Pilot Church

Vineyard Pilgrimage has some big objectives. And we can’t do it without you! We’re a blossoming initiative in need of some like-minded partners to take the Vineyard Pilgrimage ideas, goals, and vision and work them out in real-life church communities.

The Vineyard Pilgrimage will initially be offered to churches who sign up for our pilot program. These churches will commit to helping us launch the Vineyard Pilgrimage and implementing Vineyard Pilgrimage ideas and resources, while providing helpful feedback from their experiences.

We’ll come alongside your church to provide unique and helpful resources, wise and experienced counsel, and passionate and inspired vision.

This is the beginning of a special journey of intentional and strategic discipleship in your church; seeing the youngest kids to seasoned sages grow and develop together as proud members of the Vineyard movement.

Now is the time to make that happen!

Pilot Program Benefits

  • VP Care—Our team of experienced kids and youth leaders are available to assist your church in implementing Vineyard Pilgrimage curriculum and executing bridges or milestone events.
  • Webinar Trainings—Participate in Vineyard Pilgrimage webinar trainings to eliminate ministry silos, raise up kids and youth who embody Vineyard core values, create bridges or milestone events, and more.
  • VP Conference (Fall 2018)—You’ll receive a special invitation to the Vineyard Pilgrimage conference, designed to inspire and equip leaders to build a pilgrimage pathway that lasts a lifetime.